The Session of Roanoke Island Presbyterian Church is committed to the belief that peace and justice are God’s plan for all creation.  God calls us to be careful, humble stewards of this earth, and to protect and restore it for its own sake, and for the future use and enjoyment of the human family.  Through our worship, educational opportunities, the management and use of our facilities, and our outreach efforts, the church strives to witness both to the reconciliation of all through Christ as well as to our call to deal justly with one another and the earth.
Through such actions as using sustainable and biodegradable paper products and fair trade coffee during Fellowship, sharing the produce from our year-round Congregational Garden with families in our child care ministry, and operating a fair trade shop to support our Missions and Outreach ministries while helping needy artisans and farmers around the world, the church is raising awareness and helping to develop future generations of responsible global citizens for God’s Kingdom.
Congregational GardenAlternative Christmas SIgn#1 Recycled Cribs
 Fair-Trade Valentines