[Revised by the Session, November 19, 2019]

 The Roanoke Island Presbyterian Church Building is a gift from God, given not only to the church but also to the wider community. As stewards of this gift, the RIPC Session allows and encourages its use by any individual or group whose intended activity is consistent with our sense of the building as a tool for ministry in the name of Jesus Christ.

The RIPC Session encourages members, non-members and the wider community to use the building for private worship, prayer, meditation, study or simply as a place to be quiet and safely apart from busyness for a time.

As per Session approval, Christian weddings and receptions may be held for members and non-members alike. Please refer to the RIPC Marriage Policy posted on the RIPC website and available in the Church manual.

Christian Service of Witness to the Resurrection and Memorial Services may be held in the RIPC sanctuary for RIPC members and non-members. Church members may be asked to assist with receptions, as per the family’s request, following said services.

Community service organizations may use the RIPC church building for meetings, seminars, training events, community education events, etc. Community service activities for which a fee is charged (e.g., counseling, therapy, etc.) may be held when the RIPC Session is assured that using the building will make such services available at a significantly lower cost.

While the RIPC Wedding Use Policy establishes a fee schedule for weddings and receptions, it is hoped that non-members and non-church groups will make a contribution to the on-going ministries of the church in an amount that reflects their own sense of fairness and gratitude and their financial resources for other building uses too.

All persons and groups are urged to use the gift of the RIPC church building with care and respect, and with thanks to God, and to leave the building at least as clean as they found it.

The Session must approve specific uses of the building. All scheduled activities must be entered on a calendar in the church office, to avoid conflict.