Our Mission & Vision

“Equipping the Saints for the Work of Ministry” is the mission of RIPC. It comes from Ephesians 4:9 found in the New Testament of the Bible. Here Paul writes about God’s gifts to everyday sinner-saints like us, those gathering together who seek to follow Jesus.

Ministry to others is our reason for being. The sacraments and rites of our church help us center and consecrate our lives. The fellowship of a loving community enables us to build one another up as we confess our sins, forgive one another, and share our gifts, our joys and our sorrows in mutual affection. We reach out to our community, inviting others to share our vision of our church and to covenant with us in its work and worship.

As members of the church, we commit to continued growth as followers of
Jesus, to loving and serving one another and the world beyond the church
doors, and to building up the whole Body of Christ so that the Kingdom of
God might be evident here and now.

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team consists of our Interim Moderator, Rev. Jody Moore of Outer Banks Presbyterian Church, our Session (our governing board of elected and ordained Elders who serve staggered three-year terms), and our Deacons (also elected and ordained to serve three-year terms). Our passion and goal as the Bible directs is to equip believers for the work of ministry to build up the church until we all attain maturity in the fullness of Christ.

Members of the 2017 RIPC Session include: Clerk Dave Guiley and Jim Gilreath (class of 2017), Treasurer Nancy Griffin and Patti Devos (class of 2018) and Sean Owen (class of 2019).  Members of the 2017 Board of Deacons include: Hope Guiley (moderator), Kevin Phillips and Steve Rodgers.